Pressure Tanks

Pump Doctors provides a 5 year warranty on all residential tank installations.


Goulds Tanks

When it comes to pressure tanks we are looking for quality and reliability.  When we install it ,we do not want to go back...thats why we use Goulds.

  • 5 Year Warranty

  • Union Connection

  • Heavy-duty butyl diaphragm

  • Rigid polypropylene liner

  • All stainless steel system connection

  • Heavy-duty polypropylene base eliminates corrosion

  • Controlled Action Diaphragm (CAD)

  • Welded, Stainless Steel Water Connection



Constant Pressure System


The SOLO2 Constant Water Pressure System

• Can provide higher water pressure than municipal systems 
• Increased pressure regardless of system demand 
• Retrofits to any existing well system
• Reduces or eliminates noisy pipes 
• Helps provide total system protection, avoiding costly repairs 
• Can be installed on an existing conventional 4” well pump system