Pre Gas Drilling Water Tests

New York State

Marcellus Shale Water Testing

  • A baseline water test before gas drilling starts is your best protection.
  • Legally defensible baseline water testing
  • Local Independent third party – we will standby you in court
  • We use a NY State Certified lab
  • Proper Chain of custody
  • Readable reports, which we will go over with you.


We only do testing for well water OWNERS and do not test for the gas companies.
We do not want any conflicts of interest and our first priority lies with well owners.

Call the Pump Doctors for pre-gas drilling water tests, we analyze the condition of a water supply prior to gas well drilling and establish a baseline of water quality.


Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
_ + Tier 1 + Tier 1 & 2
Total Dissolved Solids Total Coliform Bacteria Volatiles Organics by EPA 524
Barium Arsenic, Iron, Manganese, Sodium, Lead, Strontium Gross Alpha/Beta
Chloride Total Hardness, Total Organic Carbon Radium 226
pH Total Suspended Solids Radium 228
Methane/Ethane Turbidity Radon in water
Oil & Grease
MBAS (Detergents)

Our well water is at risk

  • Gas Drilling using Hydrofracking is coming to New York.
  • 2000 wells drilled in Pa in the last few years.
  • Toxic fracking water going down the wells and coming back up.
  • .05% is toxic chemicals the rest is sand & water.
    That doesn’t sound too bad but that .05% is 25,000 gallons of toxic fracking chemicals, which is 10,000X more contamination then is allowed by the EPA drinking water standards.
  • 1435 violations in PA in 2 ½ yrs.


Do the gas companies test my water?

At this time the norm is that they test within 1000 feet from the drilling pad. So allow them to test, but they may not test for all contaminates and you may still want your own independent test.


Are the gas companies liable for contaminating my water?

Only if you can prove what your water had in it before they drilled and then after. It is up to You, no one is going to help you.

You should have a baseline test before the drilling starts and within 6 months after the drilling stops.

Will I taste or smell the contaminants?

Coliform Bacteria None None None
Methane None None None
Barium None None Bitter
Chloride None None Salty
TDS Colored, Cloudy None Salty
Lead None None None
Arsenic None None None
Iron Rusty None Metallic
Manganese Black to Brown None Bitter, Metallic
Strontium None None Bitter, Salty
Magnesium None None Bitter, Sour
Calcium None None Bitter, Sour
Sodium None None Salty
Sulfate None None Bitter, Astringent
Nitrate None None None
Oil & Grease None Oily Oily
Detergents / Surfactants Frothy, Cloudy Odorous Bitter

BTEX Compounds

Benzene None Sweet-smelling None
Toluene None Paint Thinner None
Ethylbenzene None Gasoline None
Xylene None Sweet-smelling None
Radium None None None
Radon None None None
Gross Alpha None None None

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